New Free Cobham Magazine Launched Print

Download Cobham Magazine Iss 1 Summer 2017The first issue of The Cobham Magazine in association with The Cobham Chamber Of Commerce has been launched. The magazine has been produced with the help of many businesses on and off our High Street with articles throughout written by Cobham people and familiar faces for Cobham people about Cobham.

We have joined forces with some of our village's High Street experts covering everything and anything from health and beauty, financial advice to items that will enhance the beauty of your home all with one thing in common - you'll find them in Cobham.

Look out for the magazine when you visit Cobham or download an electronic copy by clicking on the front cover. Warning, this is a large download.

If you are on Facebook be sure to click and LIKE our page (@cobhamourvillage) to keep up to date with all the goings on in Cobham and keep visiting this website for some exclusive Cobham village card offers!

We hope you'll enjoy this quarterly magazine and look forward to many more issues in the future!

Summer 2017